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LisaK Radio produces "Between Heaven and Earth" is a popular Internet show that has been broadcasting since 2008. Improve your life with new ideas for more happiness, abundance, and better relationships. Listen to short and long episodes with guests or just her solo on self-help, positive thinking, spirituality and practical day-to-day living. Be inspired, motivated and feel good.

Each show covers this theme and presents a variety of topics covering practical approaches to help our life and the world around us. We have many loyal listeners from all over the world who tune in live or listen through the archives. All the episodes have been archived and are posted indefinitely. 99.9% of my audience takes advantage of this resource.

Lisa K.

Aug 16, 2017

Find out how to bring more happiness into your life and increase your daily level of happiness. There’s been so much written about happiness; how to be happier, what really makes us happy, what science has to say about happiness, and is a happy life really achievable? We’ll clear it all up for you and show you some...

Aug 8, 2017

Want to tap into your inner genius and access your best ideas, innovations and soul inspired brilliance? In our noisy, fast paced, modern day lives it is easy to lose touch with the inner voice that drives all creative entrepreneurs and adventurers.  My guest today, Greg Voisen, teaches us how get back to ourselves,...

Question and two week break

Jul 19, 2017

Hey there listeners! Going to take a short couple week break from the podcast. As some of you may know, my Dad passed away and his memorial is coming up, so I'm busy with that. May God bless Daddy in heaven! Miss you Dad

But, I'll have lots more for you when I come back. 

In the meantime, I have a question for you.......

Jul 18, 2017

Today my mind is filled with things to do for my Dad’s memorial. As I sit here thinking of what to write in his eulogy, I wanted to share with you a bit about my father’s interesting life. He was the one that launched me on the quest to learn more, and ultimately learn all about intuition and our transcendental...

Jul 4, 2017

Your gut instinct, which is also your intuition, is always giving you information about other people that you have unconsciously collected. We are social creatures and we have evolved a highly sensitive ability to instinctively ‘read’ other people. Are they friend or foe? Will they hurt or help? Can we work together...